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President: Anthony McDonnell

We are an Australian monarchist organisation that intends to gain official recognition. The opinion that Australia should have its own monarch who would permanently reside in and represent Australia has so far been excluded from the debate on whether Australia should continue to share a monarch with the United Kingdom or become a republic. We think that it should be included. Opinion polls have found that around 13% of Australians support this idea as a first choice, and that as many as 23% of Australians support it as a combined first and second choice, rising to over a third of Australians when undecided people are excluded. If this opinion were included in the debate, support for it would probably be far higher. It is therefore both wrong and undemocratic for it not to be included in the debate.

There are problems with both of the other opinions in the debate. We think that it is not appropriate for Australia, as an independent country, to have a monarch who does not reside in Australia. But becoming a republic is equally problematic. Constitutional monarchies are on average more stable, prosperous and democratic than republics, and offer a better chance of having a neutral head of state. Monarchy also has an entertainment value that is lacking in a republic. If you agree with our sensible middle-way position and want to join us, please contact us with your details.

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